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Who is for?

Dietetics Photography Hairdresser Cosmetology Makeup/Visage Massage Pedicure Stylist Personal Trainer Other Pricing

Why you should use

See what has to offer you.

Let youself be found is a Portal dedicated to such services that you provide. Everyone who visits it looks for exactly the services like yours. is also complementary. It can not be ruled out that someone who was only looking for a make-up would not choose a hairdresser at the same time. KUUMA's strength lies in completing itself.

Organize your work is your work tool. You specify the days and hours in which you provide services. Then the calendar fills up itself, guarding hours and deadlines. And you can focus on what you love: cutting, painting, training. A glance at the portal and you already know what day you have today. Is not it genius?

Build a customer's base and develop a bussiness contact network

You build relationships with clients and view other service providers. You can collaborate, create a mobile health and beauty team with other service providers. The customer finds you alone. And you provide a service tailored to his measure straight to the door. After using, can a customer opt out of using the Platform?

Stand out

You prepare your offer yourself. Thanks to this, you can be sure that identical will not happen again. At you run your profile as your own website. Search and try. Add photos, write interesting about yourself and your offer. Use the promotion option. At you will not pass unnoticed.

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Let yourself be found

Every day someone is looking for such services that you provide. You have to be where their search is going. is a complementary services portal. Beauty and health for everyone. People to people. This is our mission. If you provide services that include, you can not be here. For our part, we will provide high positioning in search engines and the appropriate dose of promotion.

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Manage visits

Your calendar is available 24/7. Customers can check availability and book appointments anytime, anywhere, even if you do not answer the phone because you work. Or you play with the child. We will inform the customer on your behalf about the service ordered and we will remind you about it right in front of her. We will really do a lot for you. And you go and do what you do best.

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Do you need more information? Do you have a question for which you have not found an answer? Or maybe you want to use help in creating your portfolio? Write to us.

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